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Gesto recognizes the need of few students to earn while you learn. There are many youth who take care of their families while educating themselves. Gesto takes care of their needs too. 

A great opportunity for people who have completed or discontinued their degree education for earning their bread is the “Gesto Twinning Program”. Such candidates have a great opportunity to pursue domestic internship or international internship, both with a stipend! Apart from earning money, the candidates will also be rewarded with a valuable Diploma certificate.

How this works:

Once a candidate opts for this program, he/she has made a wise decision to upgrade the career. The candidate will be given in-house training at one of our Gesto campuses for 6 months. All the campuses offer the training and the candidate can choose any of our 6 locations. The in-house training focuses on but is not limited to the basics of culinary and hospitality management such as:

Food and Beverage

part of a large hotel or tourism business and it can also be run as an independent business. The members of the F&B Services team are required to perform a wide range of tasks which include preparation for service, greeting the guests, taking their orders, settling the bills, and performing various other tasks after the guests leave.

Front Office

At hotels, front office refers to the front desk or reception area or the core operations department of the hotel. This would include the reception and front desk, as well as reservations, sales and marketing, housekeeping and concierge. This is the place where guests go when they arrive at the hotel.


Housekeeping means performing all the duties towards cleaning, maintaining orderliness, and running a house or a business property. The housekeeping duties involve maintaining the hotel to the best possible state in terms of cleanliness, and keeping it at highly desirable ambience.

Food Production

Food production in catering term simply refers to the food preparation and control. This is a sub department of food and beverage department in a large hotel comprises of various kitchens concerning mainly with the continental, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

Training & Internship

In House training prepares the candidate for a full-fledged internship. Based on the convenience, the candidate can opt for domestic or international internship. In the latter, they have an opportunity for 6 months on-job training abroad in locations like Malaysia and Qatar. Moreover, they earn stipend in a foreign currency! Domestic internship too earns a good stipend. But why choose International internship?

If you find yourself daydreaming about exotic destinations and fun-filled adventures while fretting the thought of a repetitive 9-5 lifestyle, an internship abroad in the hospitality industry is just what you need.

Interning abroad is more than just a great way to get a step up over your competition in the industry and gain a feel for what management level positions will be like. Travelling abroad also presents the

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