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COVID-19 Pandemic has hit hard all the business sectors and the Hospitality and tourism sector being the worst affected with a loss of Rs. 620 crores (Business Line). As customers are slowly coming back to normal travel following are suggestions that need to be taken for the hotels to bounce back on track


Hygiene and sanitation

Screening gates have to be erected at the gates to check the health of the guests. The security must check for fever with a remote thermometer, shower a sanitizer mist, and keep hand sanitizers at all the entrances and public areas. Ensure the circulation of fresh air rooms and display indoor air quality. The guest room should have a sign mentioning “This room has been sanitized”. In addition to this, the health conditions of the hotel staff have to be regularly checked.


Liquidity for working capital


Having twelve months moratorium on EMIs, advance tax, GST, to save some money for hotel operations could be a wise decision. It has been mentioned that the government has already given a moratorium of three months on existing interest and principal payments. Enforcing rigid cost-control in energy consumption by closing of floors when not in use, extending payment cycles with vendors and buying essentials only existing occupancy will reduce the cost to a great extent.




Effective use of technology can be a lifesaver in reducing human contact. Using applications for self-check-in and checkout and monitoring guests’ health, installing robots to assist housekeeping works are some of the innovative ways.


Worried about how to revive your hotel business post COVID-19? Focus on hygiene and sanitation, liquidity for working capital, and technology. Having these three things in mind will boost the confidence of guests in your hotel and will help slowly revive your business. Contact us for more information. 


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