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15 Techniques to Master for success in Hospitality Management

Hospitality is a billion – Dollar Industry present worldwide. It rewards professionals equipped with skills that cater to the needs of its large customer base. Mastering those skills and techniques in addition to the curriculum offered by Hotel management Colleges will provide you a competitive edge over others. Here are 15 techniques you need to master to pursue a rewarding career in the Hospitality Industry.


Cleanliness – Hygiene and sanitation are fundamental requirements to run the Hospitality Industry. Customers tend to gravitate towards hotels that provide cleaner environment. Maintaining cleanliness 24/7 is extremely important to achieve guest satisfaction consistently.

Guest satisfaction – Ensuring guests have a great experience is the top priority for any hotel. As a hotel manager you must pay close attention to the needs of the guests and promptly delivering their demands. This will create strong customer base and builds the hotel’s brand. 

Power of greeting – Greeting a guest is crucial in building a good relationship. A warm greeting will create a positive first impression on the guest walking in the hotel. This will instantly establish a connection making the guest feel comfortable and secured.

Body language matters – Appropriate body language including eye contact, smile and proper arm gestures that exhibit a pleasant disposition will create positive impact leading to a better rapport.

Remember the Guest names – People love to hear their names because it makes them feel special. Addressing guests by their name shows that you respect them. This leads to positive interaction and appreciation by the guests.

Smile on the telephone – Voice tone is an important aspect to master while conversing over the phone. Smiling makes the voice sound warmer and friendlier. It prompts positive response from the guest.

Record guests’ preferences – Maintaining a database of tastes and preferences of the guest will provide scope for tailoring the services according to their needs. 

Gratitude serves best – Expressing gratitude to the guests will make them feel valued. Leaving a thank you note or a gift or even a warm smile while they leave will make them want to visit again. 

Celebrate special occasions – Guests always want to spend quality time with their loved ones, the hotels can make their stay special by celebrating their birthdays or wedding anniversaries. It creates a memorable moment establishing a long term relationship with guests. 

Surprise the regular guests – Surprises like a complimentary breakfast, upgrade to suite rooms, special discounts etc will always give an enjoyable stay. This will help maintain the guest’s loyalty towards your hotel.

Pet services – Guests having pets may find it challenging to manage them during vacation. However this should not keep them from having a pleasant stay. Pet service will save the day for both guests and their pets.

Recreational activities for the kids – Providing babysitting services and including recreational activities for toddlers and kids and will ensure guests who bring kids have a great experience without having to worry about kids.


While studying hotel management courses

Get in touch with mentors – Mentors are a knowledge bank with extensive practical knowledge from the Hospitality Industry. Getting in touch with your mentors will help you gain personal training and support. 

Engage in culinary events – Best way to get hands-on experience is by participating in the culinary events.

Say yes to internships – Internships are the best way to gain first hand exposure to the Hospitality Industry while also getting to earn while you learn.

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