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Professional Programmes

We understand the International Industry Needs and Gaps

Through globalization and overwhelming increase in the global travelers and settlers that has created the seamless world, GESTO has consciously stepped into the shoes of professional training and mentoring Academy to work as one of the enablers to bridge the wide supply gap of professionals in the Hotel Industry to serve the transnational population visiting India as well as by reaching out to them across the world by training young and enthusiastic Indians.

The Gesto Culinary & Hospitality Academy shall strive towards providing Industry specific professional qualification to meet the demanding needs of Industry & higher education alike.

We enable the Students' Career Ambition to Reality

GESTO plays an active role by counseling youngsters and their parents towards great opportunities that await them outside the state of art GESTO on successful completion of the GESTO Professional training programs at their training facilities spread across the country.


Individual Focus, Skill Development and Hand on Practice

Training is provided in the real life simulated state of art labs replicating the Hotel industry ambience while at the Gesto Campus, followed by 6 months of Industry Internship with recognized industry partners, that paves a way to real life learning, pre-placement offers on the job training and final placements. By the training we look at a mutual benefit. We try to provide students with trust, integrity and technical knowledge to support the Hospitality Industry and at the same time it is our endeavor to place all our students in five star categories.

ON-THE-JOB Training

Gesto works through its pro-active professional placement cell with extensive and established Hotel Industry network and provides in time industry internship to gain the trust of the Industry through the short spells of assignments followed by daily reporting to the faculty guide and weekly personal interactions on sharing learning and corrective measures to excel in the assigned work. Mid course correction after discussing with the Industry guide and supervisor followed by internship feedback adds on to the individual students' real life learning and skill refinement process.

The On The Job Training (OJT) is an indirect endorsement of their grooming at GESTO and industry suitability it further ensure Interns are groomed into professionals who are most sought after talent in the Industry of multiple opportunities where availability of talented resource is very low.

GESTOs study of the Industry by the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have further strengthened our belief that "Service is a thankless job" and being in this industry there is no provision to make mistakes. Hence we at Gesto ensure that the learning of each step is practiced at our labs and further refined at the internships and OJT seamlessly. Hence the GESTO way is fail proof way of learning through practice. The industry may look forward to well groomed and appropriately skilled trainees to begin a long and high achievement careers with a succession and planned growth path for our students.

Placement Assistance

Gesto has an active training & placement cell, which provides all possible assistance for training & placement of all qualified and deserving students.

The Academy assures Training & Placement assistance to only those students who are regular, disciplined, well-groomed and have minimum of 85 % attendance. By virtue of the Academy's efforts in thoroughly equipping them to face the challenging and ever-changing requirements of the industry and the Academy's net-working with the hotels, restaurants, and multitude of other service and hospitality related establishments.

The students who successfully pass out of Gesto are therefore assured of good employment opportunities in India, Middle East, South East Asia and USA.

Our students are undergoing their training and offering their services as final placements at following establishments.

International Chef Training Programme

Work Experience Placement (WEP) Program

The Work Experience Placement follows the 1320 hours of intensive on-campus guided learning and training at GESTO Goa, Porvorim and ICCA Dubai. This program provides student chefs with valuable "hands-on" involvement in the industry working environment by way of a paid work experience placement. Here the student chefs can apply their knowledge & skills gained in the training. Such industrial work experiences help increase a student chef's further skilled employment & other international opportunities.

WEP Program Selection Process (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Placement for the first confirmed paid WEP Program is arranged by way of on-campus Interviews. This program contracts are directly agreed to, between the candidates and the Human Resource (HR) Department of the respective employing company.

ICCA Dubai provides all coordination support for the first confirmed paid WEP Program on a No Cost Basis on the leading international cruise lines NCL, USA or alternatively at the Commis Chef (III, II or I) levels in the Hospitality Industry in the UAE.

Employment on International Cruise Line NCL, USA

Candidates who successfully complete Diploma in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) Cookery / Patisserie, may be selected for the position of Assistant Cook, on board the world leading American cruise line NCL, USA.

Selections for the said recruitment are conducted by the Human Resources / Authorised Recruitment Representative of NCL USA, based on the culinary skills, knowledge & aptitude demonstrated and meeting the medical requirements & cruise line country specific security risk assessment. Candidates thus selected, will start on a salary package of USD 740 per month, offered along with FREE ship board accommodation & international meals, full medical care & insurance and international travel tickets.

All counseling and recruitment services for placement on board the International cruise line NCL, USA are provided by M/s Odyssey International Maritime, Dubai.

General Salary Package Offered in the UAE

The salary offered ranges between AED 5 - 12 per hour and is paid vide Government of UAE monitored WPS (Wages Protection System), with other additional fringe benefits that may include tips and service charges, etc. The average Nett Earnings, as explained above, approx. range between USD 350 to 750 per month or more; The salary package is offered with perquisites such as - accommodation on a sharing basis, duty meals, local conveyance facilities, work permit & residence visa, medical

Insurance coverage and LTA (Leave Travel Allowance) etc. to the home is country included.

The salary package when valued, translates to an actual Gross Earning of approx. USD 1,100 to 1,500 per month to begin with. Joining ticket may be provided by Dubai, UAE / GCC Country employers as part of the package, however this is subject to individual company policy.

Note: The paid WEP Program will take 12 months to complete, the general employment contracts issued are for a period of 2 years (i.e. for a further 1 year beyond the duration of the paid WEP Program) which are thereafter renewable upon mutual consent.

Work Experience in Dubai

UAE has become one of the hottest tourist destinations. The Hospitality Industry here is very large with the establishment of most leading international hotel chains and the UAE also features some of the best luxury hotels in the world. The Food Industry is very competitive and highly discerning, with most international retail food concepts and speciality restaurants from the world over established here. Thus work experience in the food & hospitality industry in the UAE is highly recognized the world over.

Short Term Programmes

Craft Courses

Master your passion with excellence! By understanding industry needs and your preference, GESTO offers department related specialisation courses, where students are exposed to the operations of the department in depth. These courses are recommended and are in demand for professional growth.

Entrepreneur: - If you feel it’s time to be your own boss, and want to know the in and around of the business, a certification course will help you to explore the inside out the subject with necessary information and guidance to turn your business into success.

Knowing your Strengths: -We would love to be a partner in designing your success story by aligning your passion with your skills and strength. Our academic counselors will help you in identifying your skill set, passion and strengths. The decision making process for course selection will be based on the SWOT ANALYSIS done. We will guide you to build on strengths, avoid pit falls of weakness and to successfully emerge as an entrepreneur.

Up Skilling: - You have the hands on work experience but however feel “Life Mange More”. It’s time to sharpen your skill; our highly trained team is at your service.

Individual Focus, Skill Development and Hands on Practice

While at the Gesto Campus, you will have Training in the real life simulated state-of-the-art labs replicating the Hotel industry ambience, followed by 6 months of Industry Internship with recognized industry partners. That paves way to real life learning, on the job training with pre-placement offers leading to the final job placements. By this training process, we look forward to mutual benefit. We try to provide students with trust, integrity and technical knowledge to support the Hospitality Industry. At the same time it is our supreme endeavour to place all our students in five star categories.

Placements Support

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